Our Projects

Artisan Builders has been active with single family home renovations, neighborhood revitalization projects, ground up residential construction projects, historical district duplexes, multi-unit town-home projects, assisted living home design and construction, and is actively building an exclusive gated residential enclave in downtown Phoenix near major revitalization projects.

proven track record

Sold over 25 Homes in 2 years valued at more than $15,000,000.00

financial freedom for investors

Artisan Builders offers investors a 12% interest program allowing for increased income and financial freedom!



We have more than 45 active projects valued at more than $30,000,000.00


Our Single Family homes are a mixture of new build and rehab construction.  Each home is designed with the utmost attention to detail and home efficiency.


We have several Town home developments in progress that range from a 6 lot gated community to a 12 lot development with pool and other outdoor amenities.


We are always looking to the short and long term investment returns.  Assisted Living has been identified as one of the most under supplied local as well as national treatment needs.  These projects offer long term, market resilient returns.